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Wednesday, 07 Oct 2015


The following are some of the committees dealing with health and safety that Nigel Bryson OBE has been a member of:

Health and Safety Commission:

HSC Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances (ACTS)
ACTS COSHH Essential Working Party
ACTS Working Group on the Review of Occupational Exposure Limits
HSC Securing Health Together Compliance Priority Action Group

HSC Industry Advisory Committees:

Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC)
CONIAC Steering Committee    
CONIAC Working Well Together Campaign Steering Committee:
Textiles Industry Advisory Committee (TEXIAC)
Ceramics Industry Advisory Committee (CERIAC)
Rubber Industry Advisory Committee (RUBIAC)

Ad-hoc Group on the Scaffolding Directive (also an original member of the European Advisory Group on the Scaffolding Directive)

Health and Safety Executive:

Ad-Hoc Group on Asbestos Regulation
Ad-Hoc Group on Respiratory Sensitisers
HSE Catering Liaison Committee
HSE Steering Committee for Developing Training Standards for Asbestos Removal Workers (A European Commission funded project to develop standards across all Member States)
UK Delegate to CEN Technical Committee 153: Food Processing Equipment
Luxembourg Committee Advisory Group on Musculoskeletal Disorders
Engineering Construction JIC Health and Safety Committee
HSE Asbestos Liaison Group
HSE Ad-Hoc Group on Working at a Height (formerly the Scaffolding Directive)
HSE Chemical Industry Forum (CIF)
CIF Accident Reduction Working Group
HSE Woodworking Forum
HSE Food Industry Trade Union Liaison Committee


Safety in Bakeries Liaison Committee
British Clothing Industry Association Health and Safety Committee
British Gas National Health and Safety Committee
Securicor National Negotiating Committee Health and Safety Sub-Committee
Remploy National Health and Safety Forum
DEFRA Chemical Stakeholders Forum
TUC Union Health and Safety Specialists
TUC Toxic Substance Group Network  
European Trade Union Technical Bureau ‘Expert’ Group on Health and Safety
European Foodworkers Union Health and Safety Group
International Federation of Building and Wood Workers (IFBWW) Health and Safety Committee
TRUSTNET: European Organisation analysing how Governments and Stakeholders deal with risks in society.

International Labour Organisation

In 2005 and 2006 Nigel was a UK delegate to the International Labour Conference where he was part of the Occupational Safety and Health Committee drafting the ILO Convention on the Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health. This was adopted in the main session in June 2006.